Blair d’Lena Testimony – Facial Feminization

Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas - Testimonio Femización

Blair d’Lena Testimony – Facial Feminization

Good evening, Dr. Cárdenas:

I owe you a big thank you for what you have done to change my life for the better, for your skills and art I recommend everyone I know who is considering Facial Feminization, FFS, I love the reduction of the chin / percentage of the face.

With the move to my new image, I am able to go out without applying makeup. Nobody here knows my past and they always see me as a woman. I used to think that I had to spend hours before leaving my house. No more! Even without makeup, I no longer have the worry of being seen as male by anyone. Even without makeup, her work turns heads wherever she goes. With makeup, your work stops the traffic!

Here are some photos that were on my iPhone, they are all very recent. I chose to show a photo on Facebook without hair because beauty often disguises itself with hair. You can see the wonderful comments on FB for this photo. I also wanted people to see the type III forehead reconstruction and the healed scar and its insignificance. I will include these here as well. I’ve been to Orlando without hair …

Because “selfies” are often carefully selected and enhanced, I am also including the new passport photo taken the first week of April 2015. This was an isolated occurrence, no photo shots taken by the passport office people at the palace of Orlando justice.

I still think of you visiting him for a face rejuvenation. Surprisingly, despite all the bone removed from my chin and jaw, at 53, my skin is very tough.

Thanks again for changing my life

With great respect, love and affection … Blair d’Lena

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