Best plastic surgeons in Mexico

Dr. Lázaro Cárdenas

Best plastic surgeons in Mexico

State of plastic surgery in Mexico

One of the reasons for such popularity lies in the fact that there are plastic surgery hubs. One of them (perhaps the most salient one) is the city of Guadalajara, where my consultation (Hospital Innovare) is located, as it has two most prestigious medical institutions. The University of Guadalajara is a renowned medical school where many of American students get their medical degree. The Institute of Reconstructive Surgery is a state of the art facility where doctors from all over the world study latest trends and techniques.

Despite the fact that our beloved Mexico is not a wealthy country, we are the 4th most popular destination for plastic and cosmetic surgery in the world! More than a whooping 500,000 plastic surgery procedures are performed in Mexico per year.

The second reason is of course the country’s closeness to the U.S.A. Every year thousands of Americans travel accross the border in search of cheap plastic surgery. Mexico has more than 1,500 certified plastic surgeons. I am currently the president of the National Association of certified plastic surgeons of Mexico, (  

Naturally, it’s impossible that all of the plastic surgeons offer quality services. I urge you to be very careful and do a good research before choosing the right doctors and facilities and to choose a certified plastic surgeon from the National Association of plastic surgeons that I am president of. We recommend you to arrange (in advance) transportation true a well-known and trusted company, otherwise talk to your surgeon. In my private practice, I work with a team of 10 people to facilitate your travel, that is because most of my patients come from abroad. Be mindful that you will go back home in swelling and bruises and that you need to spend a few days after the surgery in Mexico. Luckily, I have an outstanding care facility I partner with. They take care for you 24/7 and provide many amenities and food options. Picking scenic facility with 24-hour nursing care is also a necessity.

Still, finding a quality plastic surgeon should not be hard. Here is a little help for our international friends!

Becoming a plastic surgeon is expensive and time-consuming. Sadly many of our colleagues try to cut down on the costs by finishing few courses and also avoiding the years of necessary practice. Truly great surgeon and AMCPER member need to constantly maintain high standards of their services and employ the newest surgery technics in their practice.

Have a wonderful day!

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